Why work with us?

SMK Consulting provides support and business consulting services to business and institutional entities within Austria and the European Union

In the field of commercial services and monitoring and offers consulting, including for the market and its controls with direct options,  in that way which will satisfies the ambition of the business partners

In addition to supporting employers and adopting the idea of ​​work from the first moment to the beginning of the business and prosperity by sharing ideas until all the objectives are reached

Austria is one of the most economically stable countries in the world, and is at the heart of the European Union. It makes it a fertile ground for all investors, an arena for integrating economic partnerships between all sectors and a link between traders west and east supported by an investment environment characterised by the utmost commercial security and the rule of law in a country with a strong economy such as the Alps.

SMK seeks to support and implement your project in Austria and the European Union according to the conceptual framework and all the studied ideas , and provide you with support and consultation service during your professional career which is tailored according to partners needs.


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How can we help?

With full confidence we can tell all partners around the world that their ambitions and ideas can be born in Europe with the help of SMK Consulting.