What we offer you

SMK seeks to support and implement your project in Austria and the European Union according to the conceptual framework and all the studied ideas , and provide you with support and consultation service during your professional career which is tailored according to partners needs.

With full confidence we can tell all partners around the world that their ambitions and ideas can be born in Europe with the help of SMK.


Help companies and investors establishing their projects and supporting the work process at all stages


Monitoring of business and project progress. by following certain points our customers need to follow them .


Commercial brokerage services. One of SMK’s main activities  we find a partners for your needs to move up to the top.


Ensure the security of agreements and contracts We care about the security and privacy of labor agreements and partners,


Starting up the business … by idea and operate it , through our walking up we can provide our clients with the idea of ​​the work itself ..  not only the support service .


Logistics services ,  logistics management of stores and procurement and technical support of packaging and transport.